How = span class=3DGramE>To Use USGS Stream Stats

Use =
Stream Stats to check if the water feature drains over 50 acres = /span>

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t is
only necessary to check stream stats when there is a small headwater stream=
ditch onsite and the 50 acre threshold is essential to determine if FHA
regulations will apply. Use your best judgement of the location of the site=
the watershed to determine if stream stats needs to be consulted or not. Mo=
often, stream stats is consulted AFTER a field v=
when a feature is encountered that wasn’t obvious on GIS**

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the location by scrolling to the site and clicking on the point in the water
feature where you want to delineate the drainage area. (Tip: turn on
“Topographic images” layer in GIS to help locate the site)  Click the Delineation Results button. = o:p>

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Select “Compute Basin Characteristics” on the bottom left
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“ALL” and select “DRNAREA” and click on “Compute Basin Characteristics

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The result will show the =
in square miles.  Convert the square
miles to acres
(50 acres =3D 0.078 square miles). If it is more than 0.078 square miles, t=
hen it
drains over 50 acres


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